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Procurement in the digital age requires transparent data and processes based on intelligent software solutions

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Benchpool Printplaza

Europe's first platform with comprehensive procurement optimization for complex print products. From fully customizable products and real-time calculation of market prices to order placement with our trusted suppliers.

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Benchpool Enterprise

The SaaS platform for procurement and management of complex print products. Enterprise offers configuration and calculation, tendering and fulfillment options as well as detailed cost simulation. Our entire system is based on a comprehensive database including paper types and production capabilities of European printers

video: procurement 4.0 - how digitalization changes print procurement

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Wie geht es weiter im High Volume Printing?

Dass Print nach wie vor das Premiummedium ist, das sich in Format, Auftritt und Aussehen völlig unabhängig vom Umfeld entfalten kann, habe ich bereits in dem Artikel Weiter machen wie bisher …