Joachim Glowalla joins Benchpool as newest team member

The market positioning and business development of Benchpool (a subsidiary of Hamburg-based MSM Media) will be accompanied by Joachim Glowalla, one of the most distinguished experts in our industry, as Business Development Manager. Benchpool takes this step to promote the positioning of the SaaS solution "Benchpool Enterprise" for large print customers, as well as to prepare the upcoming market entry with the first European B2B Webshop for complex, non-standardized, print products. In addition, Joachim Glowalla, a specialist in digital printing, will support Benchpool in expanding the product portfolio. 

Joachim Glowalla can look back on many years of industry experience holding numerous managerial positions at newspaper, web offset and gravure printing companies. This knowledge is topped off with his experience in implementation of innovative industry software, prepress workflow solutions and digital printing systems. 

In 2012, Joachim Glowalla installed one of the first high-speed inkjet web presses in Germany, on which one-to-one catalog and magazine covers were printed for the first time. In the meantime, five digital web printing systems were accompanied by Joachim Glowalla. Thanks to his leadership experience from gravure and web offset printing plants, the hybrid combination of analog web printing with digital web printing was possible. His expertise, his technical and sales know-how, as well as his extensive knowledge of the market are the foundation on which innovative concepts such as customized catalog covers and shopping cart dropouts are based.

About Benchpool:

After founding MSM Media in 2003 as a management consultancy and advising large and medium-sized mail order and publishing houses in Europe, Roel Baaima founded Benchpool in 2015. Already at the time his assumption was that system solutions would have a major impact on the tasks of printing complex printed in the future*

Roel Baaima worked for decades as a managing director in large, international gravure and web offset companies. Based on in-depth industry and sales knowledge, he built the Benchpool Enterprise solution which centers around an extensive European database print presses and paper types. „Benchpool Enterprise is a Saas solution that supports large and medium-sized customers in achieving significant structural cost savings in the procurement of print products and significantly increasing the efficiency of the accompanying processes.

Both the print products as well as the related procurement processes are subject to the change in digitalization. For procurement tasks this means that an increasingly digitized product portfolio has to be managed and in the case of complex print products, digitization leads to profound changes. As a result, modern procurement must be able to react in real time. 

The Benchpool solutions allow operational procurement processes to be almost completely digitized while Strategic procurement controls and monitors these processes. The job profile of print buyers fundamentally changes as he becomes a digital interface manager internally and externally. **

One-to-one thought leader Gerhard Märtterer writes in his article on "Programmatic Printing" that young marketing decision-makers know a lot about online media but have little or no experience with print. However, print remains a key element as a basic medium in the communication mix. ***

Today's print buyers in the publishing sector are often the same age. In order to make procurement for complex print products as easy for this target group as ordering business cards from online print shops, Benchpool will shortly present its Benchpool Webshop“ .   

Both Benchpool Enterprise and Benchpool Webshop are based by the same backend. This backend contains thousands of printing presses as well as paper parameters that are linked to each other and thus make it possible to calculate market-proven prices for almost all products. Orders placed can be processed in the same system. We firmly believe that the Benchpool solutions make it possible to revolutionize the purchase and processing of print products.

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** Fraunhofer: Einkauf 4.0 – Einkauf kann Führungsrolle übernehmen

** Fraunhofer Research: Procurement 4.0 (PDF-file)