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Learn more about the advantages of Benchpool first hand

"[...] I was particularly impressed by their industry knowledge and professional way of working. The Benchpool platform enables MSM Media to take the right steps towards digitalization of the print value-chain and with this get one step closer towards print procurement 4.0 for B2B products."
Fred Arp
Former CFO of Telegraaf Media Group
"Benchpool enables easy and fast procurement of magazines and other complex print products. I have yet to see a solution that provides such a comprehensive approach to automate the print supply-chain. This delivers great added value and even competitive advantage to publishers like Untitled, as we can optimize costs and reduce mistakes."
Dr. Christian Jürgens
Managing Director Untitled
"I was pleasantly surprised by the intuitive handling of the Benchpool platform. You are able to get benchmarks for all your magazines within seconds and on top of that Benchpool comes with clear and simple structures that help reduce mistakes. Based on what I've seen I believe that publishers will be able to realize cost savings and efficiency gains between 15 and 25% if they use Benchpool."
Dolf Rogmans
Publisher Villamedia