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We shed light on performance comparisons.

Play with variables!

The benchmark module forms the heart of the platform.

Before we start to approach printers about their prices through a tendering process, we first enter the metadata for the print product.

Known data such as number of copies, format, finishing, paper type, paper quality and processing of the product can be entered into the easy-to-use input screen.

In addition, you can also specify whether parts of the total circulation should be individually shrink-wrapped, addressed, post-optimized and sent to different addresses.

Immediately after we have saved this data, Benchpool uses a complex pricing algorithm (not based on price lists from print suppliers!) to calculate a realistic market price for your print product in a matter of seconds.

The result of this calculation is shown in detail so that you can understand how costs are made up.

At the same time, eBench also shows the technical parameters and provides information which printing press provides the most optimal way of manufacturing.

eBench also gives you the opportunity to simulate however you like. How does a change in format or circulation affect my costs or what happens if I adjust the number of pages? The same can be done with paper types or paper qualities! Benchpool calculates every change in a fraction of a second and then delivers a new benchmark price. You can compare different product alternatives and then make your choice. Once you are satisfied with the results of your simulation, eTender makes it easy to create a tender with just a few clicks.

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