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Objective supplier evaluation.

Companies depend on good business relationships with their suppliers. This is the only way that both sides can contribute to the shared creation of value. For this, transparent communication and understanding of common goals are essential.
By developing strategic partnerships with suppliers, you will improve your products and services and build your competitive advantage together.

Nowadays it is becoming more and more difficult and important to choose suitable suppliers because the globalization of the markets has increased the number of potential suppliers.

Processes that can deliver meaningful results for every business decision must be used to assess the performance of a supplier.

eSupply plans to carry out these assessments according to uniform and objective criteria with independent auditors.

Neben der Untersuchung der wirtschaftlichen, ökologischen und technischen Leistungsfähigkeit der Zulieferer werden hierbei auch die zukünftigen Investitionen beurteilt.

As with all other modules, eSupply is also fully linked to eBench. With eSupply you get information about the location of printing presses and additional insights about suppliers. If you select a supplier in eSupply, you can directly transfer him into eTender to make tendering even easier.

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