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Marketplace for efficient print management.

The fact is that no information medium in history has developed as quickly as the Internet and it is also increasingly becoming a technology for business transactions.

"Forrester Research" wrote: "By using electronic marketplaces, buyers can achieve significantly better prices and terms in the long run, while significantly shortening the procurement process."

It is important for the consistency of the processes that the Benchpool platform is connected to your systems so that the potential for cost reduction can be optimally leveraged.

Benchpool is working on an extensive and complex "many-to-many" solution (many suppliers and customers) that supports process structures between you and your suppliers in a fully digital way. 

This involves in particular the automation of manual work steps, the creation of a standardized in-house working method and the reduction of unnecessary coordination effort. Benchpool does not rely on auctions or reverse auctions. At the same time, we do not believe that a marketplace renders personal and telephone communication between business partners obsolete.

For 2021 we have planned to combine all modules so that you can use a consistent solution from recording advertising material to ordering.

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