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Targeted testing and analysis.

So far, from creating the tender documents to analyzing the offers and finally placing the order, a lot of work steps are required, each of which takes a lot of time.

As you know from experience, checking, evaluating and analyzing the offers and numbers received is very time-consuming.

eTender is not an auction tool, but offers you quick and transparent help to create tenders. Needless to say that personal contact with suppliers remains very important.

The tender module provides a step-by-step guide through the entire tendering and analysis process and makes creating price lists and technical data sheets child's play.

As soon as suppliers have submitted their offers via the platform, you will receive an automatic notification in your user account so that an evaluation of all process steps can be carried out in real time.
eTender will also flag if certain information is missing or entered incorrectly. The time-consuming "accuracy control" is eliminated.

eTender is an even more effective tool as it is linked to eBench. With eBench, every process step is automatically connected to target benchmarks. This enables you to quickly and easily compare the offers and let's you negotiate with even more confidence.

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